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Round Table Conference for Diagnostics and Risk assessment in Aquatic Animals

The Round table conference is free for participants of AquaEpi II.

Time: 6-8 November 2019.

(note: Registration of participants and distribution of documents for the Round Table Conference for Diagnostics and Risk assessment in Aquatic Animals on November 6th, 2019 at 4:00 pm – 6.00 pm)

Location: Amari Hua Hin.

About the Round table conference

The Round table conference will cover an overview of epidemiology in aquatic animal management and health challenges, epidemiology tools for performing risk assessment, risk assessment principles and how they can be applied in aquatic animal health management e.g. risk profiling, biosecurity, and local disease control. The program includes examples and discussion. Participants will work in groups of 4-5 per group on a practical exercise with the objective of applying the theory of risk assessment into practice. 

By the end of this Round table conference, participants should be able to:

  • Understand challenges in using diagnostic tests with the purpose of assessing risk
  • Have a greater understanding of various applications of the risk assessment tool
  • Be able to use risk assessment to aquatic animal health management
  • Gain raised awareness of how risk assessment can support decision making
  • Understand the role of risk assessment in local disease control


Who is the Round table conference for?

The Round table conference is aimed at a broad sector of professionals within the aquaculture industry and public administrations who are responsible for aquatic animal health management and inspection. English will be the working language of this Round table conference. Participants should have a basic computing skill e.g. Microsoft Office Excel. Participants should bring their own laptop. The number of participants is limited to 30 – 35 participants.

Instructor(s) and contact information of the Round table conference organiser(s)

  • Ian Gardner (BVSc, MPVM, Ph.D.)
    Canada Excellence Research Chair – Aquatic Epidemiology
    Atlantic Veterinary College (3N), UPEI, Canada
    E-mail:  iagardner@upei.ca
  • Yuko Hood (BVSc)

          A/g Director Aquatic Pest and Health Policy Section

          Animal Health Policy Branch, Department of Agriculture, Canberra, Australia

          E-mail: yuko.hood@agriculture.gov.au

  • Edgar Brun (DVM, Ph.D.)

          Director of Aquatic Animal Health and Welfare

          Norwegian Veterinary Institute, Oslo, Norway

          E-mail: edgar.brun@vetinst.no  

  • Saraya Tavornpanich (DVM, MPVM, Ph.D.)

          Coordinator of International Centre of Aquatic Animal Health

          Co-director of OIE-CC for Epidemiology and Risk Assessment for Aquatic Animal Diseases

          Norwegian Veterinary Institute, Oslo, Norway

          E-mail:  saraya.tavornpanich@vetinst.no

  • Jaree Polchana

          Head of Aquatic Animal Diseases Surveillance and Control Research and Development Group Department of Fisheries, Thailand

          E-mail: jpolchana@gmail.com

          The Round table conference is co-organised by Norwegian Veterinary Institute and Department of Fisheries., Thailand. This Round table conference is part of  the AquaEpi II conference.


Register here: (Application form)

Registration deadline: October 15th, 2019