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Dr. Suwicha Kasemsuwan  

Assistant Professor, Dept.Veterinary Public Health, Kasetsart University, Kamphaengsaen campus, Nakhon Pathom, Thailand

Mobile: +66-88-623-2224

email: fvetswk@ku.ac.th

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Kasetsart University, Thailand in 1988 and Master of Philosophy from Massey University, New Zealand in 1996. As a lecturer in Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Suwicha supervises master students on risk assessment, social network analysis and Epidemiology. She also serves as a lecturer for D.V.M. curriculum and a trainer for training courses in the area of Epidemiology. During 2008-2019 she had involved with several projects on risk assessment in Thailand and join the project with many international organization such FAO, CIRAD.

Dr. Larry Hammell

Dean (Interim), UPEI Faculty of Graduate Studies, Associate Dean, AVC Grad Studies & Research, Professor, Dept of Health Management, Atlantic Veterinary College, University of Prince Edward Island 

FGS 1-902-620-5111

mobile. 1-902-388-5111

email: lhammell@upei.ca

As an aquatic veterinary epidemiologist, Dr. Larry Hammell has been the lead proponent on many large, clinical research projects and partnerships with industry and government agencies. Dr. Hammell’s research focuses on aquatic food animal health studies including disease detection and surveillance, health management through identification of risk factors and disease prevention and biosecurity studies, and clinical trials for improved responses to disease treatment and prevention. Currently the Dean (Interim) of the UPEI Faculty of Graduate Studies, he is also Professor and Associate Dean (Graduate Studies & Research) at the Atlantic Veterinary College, University of Prince Edward Island, and Co-Director of the Collaborating Centre for Epidemiology and Risk Assessment of Aquatic Animal Diseases (ERAAAD) for the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).

Dr. Saraya Tavornpanich

Epidemiologist, Scientific Coordinator of International Center for Aquatic Animal Health Department at Norwegian Veterinary Institute

Postbox 750 Sentrum 0106 OSLO

Office: +47 91 61 8587

fax: 23 21 64 85


Dr. Saraya Tavornpanich is an epidemiologist and scientific coordinator at the international center for aquatic animal health department, National Veterinary Institute (NVI). Since June 2018, she has also codirected the OIE collaborating center in Epidemiology and Risk Assessment in Aquatic Animal Health (ERAAAD) at NVI. Her research is focused on the use of epidemiological tools for supporting cost-effective surveillance, control and prevention strategies, mainly on diseases affecting aquatic animals. The tools include field evaluation of diagnostic tests without gold standard, cost-effective analysis, spatial epidemiology, evaluation of complex surveillance system, mathematical modelling of disease dynamics, use of social network analysis in aquaculture.

Dr. Kenton L Morgan

Emeritus Professor of Epidemiology, Institute of Ageing & Chronic Disease and School of Veterinary Science, Liverpool, United Kingdom                         

email: kentonlm@hotmail.com

As an veterinary epidemiologist, Dr. Kenton L Morgan is a professor of epidemiology at University of Liverpool · Institute of Ageing & Chronic Disease · EPIDEMIOLOGY United Kingdom during 1996 – 2017. Having set up and the epidemiology group at Liverpool Vet School and seen it develop to a Department. He was a president of society of Veterinary epidemiology and preventive medicine in 2000, president of  association of Veterinary teachers and research worker in 2001 and Chair of international society of aquatic animal epidemiology in 2007. 

Dr. Beatriz Martinez Lopez
D.V.M, M.P.V.M., Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Medicine & Epidemiology,
Veterinary School, UC Davis.
2415A Tupper Hall
Davis, CA 95616
Email: beamartinezlopez@ucdavis.edu

Associate professor of infectious disease epidemiology at the Department of Medicine & Epidemiology, Veterinary School, UC Davis and Director of the Center for Animal Disease Modeling and Surveillance (CADMS) since January 2014. She completed her DVM at University Complutense (UCM, Spain) in 2004, her Master of Preventive Veterinary Medicine (MPVM) at UC Davis in 2007 and her PhD in Veterinary Epidemiology at UCM in 2009. She has more than 80 publications related with the development and implementation of quantitative methods such as epidemiological modeling, risk assessment, geostatistical methods or network analysis. Currently, she is leading the development, implementation and validation of novel Big Data analytical and visualization tools and their integration into operational, web-based, user-friendly platforms such as the Disease BioPortal (http://bioportal.ucdavis.edu/) to more timely support animal health decisions in livestock and aquaculture industries